Terms and Conditions of Hire

The following terms and conditions must be adhered to whilst hiring Heron’s Fitness Swimming Pool. Any breach of these terms will result in cancellation of future hires without refund.

1. “Hirer” means the person or entity identified on the online booking.

2. The hirer shall pay the full amount as stipulated by Heron’s Fitness at the time of booking.

3. The hirer will not use the pool to deliver children’s swimming lessons.

4. The hirer understands that other users of our facility may use the changing rooms during the hire period. The pool will be off limits to everyone bar the hirer, their party, and Heron’s Fitness staff.

5. The hirer shall not sub-licence Heron’s Fitness Swimming pool.

6. Any additional uses of Heron’s Fitness Swimming Pool not agreed in writing by Heron’s Fitness will result in the immediate termination of the booking.

7. Refunds will not be due for any cancellations by the hirer received with less than 3 working days’ notice.

8. The hirer is responsible for, and for the cleaning of their own equipment.

9. If the hirer breaches any of the terms and conditions Heron’s Fitness reserves the right to terminate the booking and retain any fees already paid.

10. The hirer shall observe the maximum capacity rules of the pool and not allow this to be breached.